Now Prank With Your Friends.

Prank your friends and family with the Scary Maze Game app!

The application appears to be a normal maze game … But it comes packed with a very scary surprise near the end of level three. Be sure to get your heart racing victims and assigned them shouting at the top of their lungs.

The Scary Maze Game app gives you the option to choose from three default scary images or selecting your own custom image. Why do not scare your friends with one of our default scary images or an image of yourself or even a picture of them!

For best results, make sure the volume of your iPhone or iPod touch pumped up to the highest.

Finally, to capture the moment for all time why not record the prank, upload it to YouTube and then send it to us through for a chance to win up to $ 100 along with other great prizes! (Please note that Apple is not a sponsor of, or responsible for conducting, this promotion)

PD No application will show on your iPhone or iPod Touch as “iMaze” so his alleged victim has no idea what is about to happen worry.

Intrusting Thing in Scary Maze Game

The interesting game Scary Maze is that people who play for the second time, a third time, etc. They keep coming, and not just to joke about others but to play again. What’s interesting is why? Because when you think about it, the original fear maze game is not a game, they are not like 2-3 levels only in it, just enough to player interest before the effect of fear comes in. Another interesting fact about SMG is that the game is probably the most shared on Facebook flash game in the gaming industry history flash. However, this is debatable, no one can actually count the number of shares, but statistics show every 1 in 10 people who have accounts on Facebook Share the game on FB.

If you are interested in SMG and want to know more about the game and its aftermath, we have prepared opinions for all games of the series of maze game scary (no new games for SMG last 7 months). so you can learn more about the characteristics of each individual game, how it differs from the others and is even worth playing or not. In addition to flash games, visit our video section to see the most amazing SMG related videos, such as reaction of people in the maze of fear, and images / Images of games SMG.

Fascinating Scary Maze Maze Game

What’s so fascinating about SMG? It’s been years since the original maze game scary appeared on the Internet, and flash games tend to be remembered for years, unless the game is exceptionally good, no epic! So the question is – is SMG epic? it probably is! An interesting fact is that SMG is not even a game in the classical sense, is an Internet hoax, a joke to scare people, one very clever indeed. Here’s how it works: tell a friend “Hey, look what I found, play really impressive, but it is so difficult, I can not exceed the level 2” or something like that, but the point is that the game is not visually appealing so you need a dose of intrigue potential interest victim game. 1 contacts, is everything you need to interest player, he / she will definitely want to show that he / she can do it, you can win the game and take the exit point. But this alone would not be sufficient to cause a striking effect, and there are signs of anything suspicious in the game (game title includes the world of fear). Developer has done a good job in selecting a game genre: because it is a maze game and a hard, a lot of concentration and focus is needed to control the point without touching the walls. And this is when it happens, when the potential scary maze game victim is fully focused on a task, horror image of Linda Blair (from the movie The Exorcist) suddenly appears on the screen, with horrible sounds and the player enters a state shock.

Youtube Scary Maze Game Prank

The June 27, 2008, nalts YouTube uploaded a video of a child to react with the maze game (shown below, left), which received more than 42.1 million views and 14,000 comments and the next six years. On August 2, MileyMandy YouTube channel released a video with pop star Miley Cyrus deceive her friend in playing the maze game (shown below right). In the first five years, the video got over 7.6 million views and 44,000 comments.
On August 14, a Facebook page was launched [6] entitled “Maze Game Fear”, which accumulated more than 45,200 likes in the next six years. The October 31, 2009, Quinton Moran YouTuber uploaded a video with a grandmother playing the maze game (shown below, left). In the next four years, the video has more than 2.3 million hits and 3,300 comments. The October 20, 2010, YouTuber Wiktoriya recorded video montage labyrinth fear reaction (shown below, right), the collection of more than 2.43 million visits and 5,900 comments in the first three years.
The March 21, 2011, a page titled “Maze Game Fear” has been created in the Villains Wiki. [7] On April 15, 2012, Redditor sexgott presented a post titled “When I see a ‘labyrinth fear flash game” in front “to r [9] subreddit / / fun, featuring an animated comic book of a man who gives turn your computer volume down (shown below, left). Before being filed, the position has more than 1,400 positive votes and 40 comments. on November 18, Redditor lemon_loaf presented an animated GIF to the subreddit / r / fun [10], in which a man is surprised by someone hiding under his desk while playing a labyrinth of fear (shown below right). Before it was filed, the position earned more than 1,100 votes and 40 comments before being archived.

Scary Maze Game Review

Most populer game scary maze . The Scary Maze Game is a site popular shock scare prank and normally presented to the viewer as a puzzle game based on flash that require a high level of concentration, just before disturbing the unsuspecting player with a detail image of a hideous woman appearance and audio streams of a high scream. One of the oldest known “bait-and-switch” jokes fear of date, scary maze game has inspired dozens of videos of mischief reaction terror YouTube and elsewhere online.
According to the website flash maze scary game Games Maze, the original “Scary Maze Game” [5] (shown below) was created by the developer Jeremy Winterrowd in 2003. At the end of the third level of the game, the player it is received by a large image of the character Regan MacNeil (played by Linda Blair) in the 1973 film the exorcist.
The May 20, 2006, YouTuber CantWeAllJusGetAlong [8] uploaded images of a young boy who is frightened by the maze game, accumulating more than 26.7 million views and 52,000 comments in the first eight years. On July 7, ryanjyn2008 YouTuber uploaded screencast maze game (shown below, left), gaining more than 14.4 million visits and 6,800 comments in the next seven years. On August 30, YouTuber xxmrdennisxx published images of a girl pranked game (shown below right). After six years, the video won more than 8.8 million views and 35,000 comments.